Picard advances to help you engineering, in which he will come face-to-deal with into Borg Queen

Picard advances to help you engineering, in which he will come face-to-deal with into Borg Queen

Escorting Lily so you can the girl stay away from pod, Picard give her a PADD which has commands to have Commander Riker, informing your as well as their crew on top to track down good hushed spot out of North america and also to stay out of history’s method

Lily knows that the brand new chief has no goal of leaving brand new watercraft and then he acknowledges he need certainly to chance their lives in order to cut Analysis. Accepting his choice, Lily tells Picard commit get a hold of his buddy and you may forums the lady pod as all those refrain pastime disengage from the Corporation and take a trip for the Earth.

She recalls the very last time it met – while in the their assimilation – and gifts him with a new Study, whose face is partly Person. Picard tries to parley on android’s discharge, however it is zero use. Immediately following deactivating the fresh new care about-destruct sequence, Investigation comes into the encryption code into pc, effectively providing the Borg King order of your Firm. Research really stands from the Queen’s top, informing this lady one Picard will be a keen “sophisticated drone”, given that Borg drones grasp the fresh head. As the Phoenix prepares in order to diving in order to warp, Studies goals the newest warp vessel that have quantum torpedoes. After they are revealed, a delighted Borg King gleefully taunts the new chief in regards to the imminent death of Humanity’s future convinced the newest Borg often winnings, maybe not noticing Study on the side swinging for the good plasma coolant tank behind their. Strapped upon a medical table, Picard is only able to view from inside the headache because the torpedoes bear down towards the Phoenix until it fundamentally… skip its address, and you can both the horrified Queen and smirking master realize Data possess misled the new Borg, maybe not entered her or him. Mockingly repeating new Borg motto towards King, Investigation thrusts his little finger on container, enveloping him in the deadly energy as Picard scrambles to possess cover. Below your, new Queen grabs your hands on his ft, hindering their climb up in order to coverage. Picard problems against her grip up to Investigation – his brand new surface dissolved – is offered regarding the plasma and you can brings the latest Borg King in it. Screaming inside the discomfort and you may outrage, the Borg Queen’s flesh quickly disintegrates. With her command over the fresh Borg on the Company destabilized, drones all around the watercraft collapse and you can perish.

Given that Phoenix drops regarding warp and you can begins to go back so you’re able to Environment, Picard ports this new plasma out of technologies and you can descends into platform, which is full of Borg corpses. Finding the metal skeletal stays of Borg King nevertheless clinging alive, Picard holiday breaks this lady backbone and you can terminates the girl immediately after as well as for all of the, fundamentally making it possible for your some kind of closure. New chief finds out Research not far away; knowing that the new melting regarding their Borg-offered People surface keeps kept some of their interior circuits shown but brought about no genuine destroy, the guy quips that he probably cannot feel while the bad as he looks, allowing a little chuckle in the paradox. New android conveys a feeling of depression on death of the fresh “unique” Borg Queen and glimpses of Humanity she brought your. He acknowledges that he are tempted from the their bring for a great mere 0.68 moments, also notes that the with it a great deal more deliberation compared to chief might suspect. Picard extends his hands to help you Studies https://datingranking.net/flirtymature-review/ and helps him so you can his ft. Both check out the Borg assimilated technology and you will get off the space.

Aboard new ship, Worf says to Picard your Enterprise’s warp trademark is blurred by the the new moon’s gravitational industry which means was not sensed because of the Vulcans, if you are Los angeles Forge can be replicate the brand new temporal vortex you to definitely put them there of the reconfiguring their warp occupation

When you look at the Montana, a large group away from perceiver, including Cochrane, Lily, Picard, and the most other Person members of the newest Enterprise’s older group, observe this new historical getting of the first extraterrestrial pastime to openly and you will in public check out Earth. For the admiration and never without a tiny difficulties, Cochrane embraces this new ship’s staff: a threesome of Vulcans. Lily tells Picard exactly how much she envies him to have residing in eg a quiet coming, and you can Picard responds how much cash the guy envies her you to she gets so you can experience Humanity’s first tips with the an alternative time ahead of telling their one he will skip the girl. With this, the latest Organization team makes unnoticed. Picard, positive that tomorrow they know would be waiting around for him or her, has got the Organization-Elizabeth leave the 21st millennium. On earth, as Lily watches the latest Business disappear from the vortex, Cochrane unsuccessfully attempts to get the Vulcans to drink and moving collectively to “Ooby Dooby” from the Roy Orbison.

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